Qualified Teams

To qualify for STIX, teams were required to demonstrate baseline performance capabilities and appropriate safety measures. Nine teams successfully qualified and will be experimenting with their systems at the STIX Event in April. The teams and members are as follow:

CERBERUS: CollaborativE walking & flying RoBots for autonomous ExploRation in Underground Settings


• University of Nevada Reno
• ETH Zurich
• Sierra Nevada Corporation
• University of California, Berkeley
• Flyability

CoSTAR: Collaborative SubTerranean Autonomous Resilient robots


• Jet Propulsion Laboratory
• California Institute of Technology
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology

CRAS: Center for Robotics and Autonomous Systems


• Czech Technological University
• Université Laval, Canada

CRETISE: Collaborative Robot Exploration and Teaming In Subterranean Environments


• Endeavor Robotics
• Neya Systems

CSIRO Data61


• Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia
• Emesent
• Georgia Institute of Technology



• Carnegie Mellon University
• Oregon State University

MARBLE: Multi-agent Autonomy with Radar-Based Localization for Exploration


• University of Colorado, Boulder
• University of Colorado, Denver
• Scientific Systems Company, Inc.

PLUTO: Pennsylvania Laboratory for Underground Tunnel Operations


• University of Pennsylvania
• Exyn Technologies
• Ghost Robotics



• Robotika.cz
• Czech University of Life Science, Prague